Learn To Drive At The Best Driving School

Drivers Point Driving School offers a wide range of services to suit the needs of novice and expert drivers.


We offer an initial consultation; it is more like an information-gathering event that helps students understand the driving education process. We discuss the support we can offer the student and develop a learning plan that fits the student's schedule and requirements. We also provide home study materials to help students prepare for the main training.

A person driving in the car with a cell phone.

Basic Driving Evaluation

The basic driving evaluation is a 1-hour session that evaluates the current abilities of a licensed driver. We also conduct an on-the-road evaluation to assess drivers' skills in different driving environments and traffic conditions. It helps us evaluate the driver's reaction, visual perception, and processing speed. It gives us an insight into the driver's driving habits and adherence to traffic laws. A final report will be provided to the student.

Full Driving Evaluation

Our full evaluation helps us assess a person's cognitive and physical abilities. This evaluation is for those who are looking to become a licensed driver or return to driving after a break. The evaluation includes assessment of:

  • Cognition
  • Reaction time
  • Processing
A person driving in the car with their hand on the steering wheel.

Our Services

  • Driving Lessons: Please call for pricing
  • Teen Driver’s ED: $425
  • Adult Driver’s ED: $150
  • Defensive driving course: $45
  • DPS authorized road test: $100
  • Pick up & Drop off (by request)